Viking Biking Oslo Terms and Conditions


All bike riders participating in an activity organised by Viking Biking AS freely acknowledge and realize the danger of participating in a Viking Biking AS guided tour or rental and fully assume all risks including, but not limited to: collision with pedestrians, vehicles, other riders, and/or fixed moving objects, the negligence of other riders and dangers arising from falls and road surfaces, as well as the possibility of physical injury and/or mental trauma. In addition, participants confirm the following: • They are in sound medical condition capable of participating in the ride without risk to others or themselves. • they understand that the law defines a bicycle as a moving vehicle and agree to follow all traffic laws, signs, rules, and regulations. • They are offered the free use of a helmet and encouraged to wear it at all times and follow the safety guidelines presented at the start of a tour or rental period, which includes refraining from using a mobile telephone, taking pictures or listening to music while riding. • Take responsibility for any damage that might occur while riding the bike. • Understand and accept that any medical cost incurred during a Viking Biking AS tour or rental period will be the participant(s) responsibility. • As a parent or guardian, take responsibility for any of the child’s actions for the duration of the trip.